Light Airs in Hyeres

pin end start.JPG

Regatta: Sailing World Cup Hyeres (France) 

Finish: 11th of 40 (by invitation only) 


A light air regatta is what the coach ordered and that's just what we got. It was the perfect opportunity to continue working on our light air upwind technique as well as getting off the starting line in a really good fleet. The Sailing World Cup regattas are by invitation only and therefore draw the best teams in the world. 

Results showed a lot of inconsistency in our scores. However, taking scores out of the picture, we accomplished our goal of executing starts. Our coach, Giulia Conti, scores us on each start and for this regatta (11 races) we received an average score of 3.45 (out of 5), with 4 of the starts being a 5. This is a huge improvement from the Miami event in January, where we averaged 1.875 in 8 races. This scoring reflects our positioning and acceleration technique. 

A few of the races we simply chose the wrong game plan which led to higher scores and some races we didn't get locked into our mode soon enough off the line forcing us to tack out, also leading to higher scores. This is the next step for us which will help us produce more consistent and better scores.

Around the course we continued to focus on micro goals to help focus on the process and not the result. At the end of the day, we need to be focused on growing in each area of the course in every condition, our boathandling and strategy/tactics. This is a lot!  One step at a time...

Highlight: that feeling when you crush a start!!

Lowlight: a really bad "low tide" ocean smell at the launch ramp...and the launch ramp itself! 

Progress isn't always linear. We must focus on the optimizing the process and trusting the results will follow. We are keeping our eyes on the prize for the World Championship this summer in Aarhus. 



Stephanie Roble