Proud in Poland - 5th overall at the European Championship

Photo credit: Drew Malcolm 

Photo credit: Drew Malcolm 

We just wrapped up the 49er European Championship in Gydnia, Poland with a team best finish of 5th place overall! Over 6 days of racing, 14 races + 1 medal race were completed in primarily light air and choppy sea state.  We had 12 top 10 finishes and are proud of this because light air has generally been a weakness for our team.  

We sailed a really consistent qualifying and finals series in challenging conditions. We went into the medal race (short, 2 lap course worth double points) on the last day in 4th overall with all 3 medal positions within reach. It was a tricky day with an offshore breeze and small rain squalls moving thru which made the pressure incredibly unstable and hard to read.

After sailing most of the race in 4th place, the last downwind run became especially unstable. In this place we had secured a silver medal by keeping the Brits, Swedes and Spanish behind us. With the Spanish far behind, the focus was on beating the other two boats who were splitting on the run, leaving us with a tough decision on how to cover.  We gybed back to cover the Swedes in what we thought was nice pressure. Unfortunately it didn't play out as planned and the Swedes passed us and we only finished 1 ahead of the Brits with not enough gap to earn a medal.

It was an exciting medal race and although we are bummed to be only 2 points from a medal, we are really excited about our progress as a team to be playing at the top like that! Our starts were a huge improvement overall, with an average a score 4 out of 5 by coach. We also made a lot of steps forward with small things around the race course that are adding up.

Now we are each home for a week before heading to Aarhus, Denmark for training and the World Championship! Very exciting!! Thanks for following along!


Event results here

In case you missed the medal race, check out the live recording 

Event highlight: Maggie turned 29 years old and Steph made sure absolutely everyone knew, including the camera crew and entire regatta.


Photo credit: Drew Malcolm

Photo credit: Drew Malcolm

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