World Cup Series Miami - Strong Start to the 2019 Regatta Season 

We finished the Hempel World Cup Series Miami ninth overall in a field of thirty-six teams, and met our goal to finish as the top American in the top ten. We had some shining moments, but we feel motivated by some of our mistakes that cost us places on the leaderboard. HWCS Miami is the second regatta of a four-part series, and it featured nearly all of the teams that are currently ranked in the top twenty worldwide. Our training has been rigorous over the last few months, and this was a great opportunity to showcase our skills.

We sailed in light and unstable breeze - typical Miami conditions that favor consistency and patience. In general our starts, boat-speed and boat-handling were all strong, but we made a handful of strategic errors that cost us critical points on the leaderboard. Since the event, we have focused heavily on developing tactical formulas and identifying racing priorities in order to simplify the moments of uncertainty so we can make better decisions on the racecourse.

Throughout the week, we were scored as high as third place and as low as thirteenth in the standings.The last day of the opening series, from which only the top ten teams qualify to compete in the medal race, was dramatic and stressful. After a three-hour postponement on the water, we posted two deep finishes and slipped all the way down to thirteenth overall. Thankfully, we managed to pull off a great final race of the opening series and bounce back to ninth place, which qualified us for the medal race. With double points on the table for the final race of the regatta, our primary objective was to keep the tenth place team behind us as moving up to eighth was just out of reach. The medal race was sailed in shifty 4-6 knot breeze. We’re happy report that we executed our plan well, and finished the regatta on a strong note! Click here to view the full results and replay the Medal Race (scroll to 21:00 minutes). 

"It was super exciting to wear the red bibs* early in the week. However, the most valuable learning moments came from bouncing back mentally after some tough races in the second half of the week.” -Steph Roble
*Red bibs are worn by the 3rd place team

Stephanie Roble