Our first World Cup Series Medals - Bronze in GenoA, by Steph


After Palma, we packed up shop and sent our stuff to Genoa, Italy for the 3rd stop of the 2019 Hempel World Cup Series. With only a week off between the events it was critical that we focused on recovery - physically and mentally!

When we showed up to Genoa, the forecast was very light for the next 10 days. We knew the event was going to test our patience, mental stamina and air squats! 


Racing started on a Monday and we completed 2 light sea breeze races. We started off with a bang, literally, by winning the first race! This definitely set the pace for the week and reminded us of our speed advantage in light air. 

Tuesday & Wednesday we waited around all day for racing and nothing happened. Two days of postponement was mentally draining. You have to be ready to go at any time but not anxious. Maggie likes to do boat work projects in postponement and Steph likes to read and hang with friends. 

With time ticking and a sad forecast, we knew every race was going to count a lot. Thursday we managed to get in 3 races. Our goal for the day was to put ourselves in a position to sail big lanes and be in control of the fleet. We posted 3 top ten finishes this day and learned some tough lessons about how to approach the finish line.

Thursday’s 3 races ended the qualifying series and we split into gold and silver for 4 races on Friday. This is a big day and our goal was to focus on one maneuver at a time and execute the simple things well. Again focusing on big lanes and locking into good speed off the line. We sailed 3 top ten races and our throwout race in the 20s. 

This consistent series put us in 5th overall going into the medal race on Saturday for double points. The points situation was complicated and we knew that if we targeted to win the race we could have a good chance of moving up overall. The breeze was shifting around a ton in the warm up along with the bias of the starting line. We set ourselves up at the favored RC boat for about 10 min to protect our spot so that we could tack out early to the right. 

At the first windward mark we were in 2nd and kept that position all the way thru the race. When we finished we excitedly waited to see how the other teams finished to see how we ended up overall. The stars aligned and we ended up clinching the bronze medal!! That was our first World Cup Series medal as a team and it means so much to us.

On the tow in after the medal race I had some happy tears as I looked around to the beautiful sailing area and reflected on the awesome team work between Maggie, Giulia and myself that led us to this proud moment. I thought about all of those in our support network who make moments like that possible and we strive to make you all proud every day.

Stephanie Roble