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The 49erFX is the women's two-person high performance skiff Olympic class. It is sailed by a  skipper who steers the boat and makes decisions and the crew who works with the sails and speed of the boat. 

The boat is 4.9 meters long and has a 7.5 meter mast allows for a large sail area with a main, jib and downwind spinnaker. The FX is full of power and begins planing in 10 knots of wind and will reach speeds of just under 25mph. 

The 49er is the most physically challenging boat of the Olympics due to it’s unstable platform. It requires clear communication, intense focus and in sync teamwork for the best speed around the course and precise boat-handling. 

The races consist of a 5 minute start sequence and a 2 lap windward leeward course around boys for a total of 30 minutes. A typical race day is 3-4 races over a 4-6 day regatta. Scoring is based on a low point system with 1st place earning 1 point and 2nd place earning 2, etc. Over the series the team with the least amount of points wins the qualifying series. The top 10 teams move on to the medal race which consists of 1 race worth double points.